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Winter 2011


Cowley student wins KACCT video contest


Luke Austin

Using his cell phone to record a video on why Cowley College is the best college in Kansas to attend, freshman Luke Austin was named the winner of a recent video contest, which was sponsored by the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees.

The contest consisted of cell phone video submissions between 1-3 minutes in length.

“I thought about what I liked about the school and made a cartoon about it,” Austin said. “I included all the things people know about Cowley like the free tutoring, good price, good dorms, and small class sizes. But, I also included information on what makes Cowley different than other community colleges in Kansas.”

Gayle Shaw and Linda Fund of the KACCT were on hand to present Austin with an I-Pad for winning the contest.

“His creativeness hit all the things we were looking for,” Fund said. “When you view the video you know why it was the winner.”

Along with Shaw and Fund, Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee, as well as college administrators, Tony Crouch, Slade Griffiths, Sue Saia, and Ben Schears were there to pass on their congratulations.

“I am happy the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees provided this opportunity for students to showcase some of their remarkable talents,” Dr. McAtee said. “I am extremely pleased out of 19 community colleges in Kansas our own Luke Austin was selected as the winner.”

At Cowley, Austin is involved in the Media Club, Math and Science Club, and Art Club. He is a mass communications major. After Cowley, he plans to transfer to the University of Kansas to major in film and media studies.

Prior to attending Cowley, Luke spent the previous nine years living in France with his parents, Mark and Nancy Austin. He has one sister, Amy, and a brother, Wil, who serves as the Editor in Chief of the Cowley Press Student Newspaper.

Austin had never entered a contest such as this, but is glad he took the time to submit his work.

“I did this to confirm that I can make something good,” Austin said. “I also hope it will be useful in the future if I am looking for a scholarship or a possible job.”

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