A&F Newsletter

Spring 2012


From the Desk of Ben Schears
If you happen to be reading this article right now, it means you have chosen to peer inside and see what has been going on in our little part of the world rather than set the Alumni & Friends Newsletter on the coffee table to collect dust. For that you have our thanks! We are truly blessed to have such wonderful supporters making this newsletter, and the work we do, a possibility.

Before you dig deeper into the newsletter, know that change is in the air. A few years ago we trimmed back from a quarterly newsletter to publishing only twice a year due to tighter budgets. We discovered by doing so, we left a gap in our communication with you and much of the news was several months old by the time it was published in the newsletter. We set about trying to find a way to bring you more consistent, and focused content in a way that also did not break the bank.

We brainstormed a bit, and by shortening each edition of the newsletter a touch, and negotiating our printing contract, we would be able to reach out to you three times each year. One change will be each of the three editions will take on a slightly different focus. The spring edition will touch on alumni stories and reflections of years gone by. The summer edition will be a look back on the passing of another academic year. The fall edition will focus on year-end giving, estate planning, and provide tangible ways to have a greater impact on the lives of our students. Included in each edition we will continue to carry articles we feel are timely, relevant, and provide you with a snapshot of what is happening at the college.

My personal hope is you will enjoy the articles in this edition and will, most of all, be inspired to reach out to us with your story. We welcome your honest feedback. If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions - both positive and negative - please let me know. We want this to be a newsletter you welcome into your home each time you see it lying in your mailbox.

Ben Schears
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Class of 2001

Spring 2012