A&F Newsletter

Spring 2012


Winfield Chamber Names Cowley 2011 Outstanding Educator
by Rama Peroo

Recognized for its work in providing a stellar education to members of Cowley County, Cowley College Educatorreceived the 2011 Outstanding Educator Award from the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce during its annual meeting held at Baden Square.

“It is great for the college to be recognized by the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce as the 2011 Outstanding Educator and is a tribute to all of the employees who work at the college,” Dr. Patrick J. McAtee said.

Diane Rosecrans, CEO of the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce, said a committee voted on the award.

“Cowley is a huge supporter and partner of the (Winfield) Chamber and we were excited to present them with the award,” Rosecrans said.

Rosecrans mentioned the exceptional work done by the college as well as its partnership with the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce and area high schools in providing a work ethic certification program.

For each year that a student meets the program requirements set forth by the area high school, the student earns a one-semester tuition scholarship to Cowley College. 

Spring 2012