A&F Newsletter

Spring 2012


Pike’s Grow Scholarship
by Rama Peroo

A little more than four years after giving $50,000 to be used for scholarships at Cowley College, Larry and Carlla Pike have contributed an additional $5,000 to help students not eligible for other scholarships.
The scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and are for students who do not qualify for other scholarships.

“We did this for people that are interested in going to college but can’t afford it,” Carlla Pike said. “I think everyone should go to college if they can afford it.”

The Pike’s sons, Darin and Kevin, as well as daughter, Angela, each attended Cowley as have several of their grandchildren. The couple’s grandsons, Jeremy and Austin Pike, are current students, while granddaughter, Chelsey Bruce, is taking a class at Cowley while finishing her senior year at Ark City High School. Bruce plans on taking classes full-time at Cowley after graduating from ACHS.

Larry and Carlla Pike have owned L.G. Pike Construction Company Inc. of Arkansas City for more than 40 years. The couple has had several employees take classes at Cowley as well as their employee’s children.

Carlla is glad the couple can offer this scholarship to individuals that otherwise may not receive financial assistance.

“We know there are people that need help going to college and we saw this as one way to help the community and the college,” Pike said.

Shannon Massey, Cowley College executive director of alumni and development, is delighted to have this scholarship with very few restrictions placed on it.

“Larry and Carlla have been so good to Cowley College and to our students,” Massey said. “They understand the importance of a college education and don’t want any student to fall through the cracks because they can’t afford to pay their tuition or to purchase the necessary books needed to be successful in the classroom.”  

Spring 2012