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Winter 2012


Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund to provide $50,000 for scholarships

scholarshipsThe Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund announced it will be expanding its impact on students in the south central Kansas region. The fund will be donating $50,000 for the establishment of scholarships at three area colleges next year, with one of those schools being Cowley College.

“By adding these scholarships, to programs already funded by the Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund, we are making a college education more accessible for a larger number of people,” said Jill Docking, Chair of the Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund. “Our goal is to create an educated workforce that will want to stay right here in south central Kansas.”

The All-Star Board, along with the colleges, has crafted individualized plans on how the money will be distributed. Between the three colleges, scholarships will be awarded to students studying education, science, technology, engineering, math and those looking for careers in the allied health and health management fields. Money will also be set aside and awarded specifically to students’ age 25 to 39 – this aligns with the Kansas Board of Regents’ strategic agenda to increase enrollment for this population.

Butler Community College and the Wichita State University Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization will also receive $50,000 from the Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund for additional scholarships.

The scholarship money will be in addition to the more than $1 million the Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund has already provided to the students, teachers and families of Sumner County and Mulvane.

Earlier this year $369,000 in scholarships was awarded to the class of 2012, more than $555,000 worth of back-to-school reward cards were made available to students in eight public schools, and one private, and $239,000 was awarded to area teachers to assist with the costs associated with their classrooms.

“We are thrilled to be making an impact on education in south central Kansas,” said Docking. “With our new collegiate partners, that impact will only grow larger.”

Cowley College president, Dr. Patrick J. McAtee, was delighted to receive this grant from the Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund.

“These funds will allow us to provide an incentive to Sumner County students to pursue, and more importantly to achieve, their educational goals,” Dr. McAtee said. “We appreciate their willingness to financially support the education of the students in our service area.”

The first scholarships will be awarded in 2013.

The Kansas All Star Scholars Fund receives 100% of their funding, $1.5 million each year, from Kansas Star Casino. A blue-ribbon panel of local business leaders, education leaders and recognized leaders from the state’s higher education community serve on the board that directs and oversees the Kansas All-Stars Scholars Fund Inc.

“With the number of students who are opting to go into debt to pay for college, it’s a real blessing to have entities like the Kansas All-Star Scholars Fund who are willing to step up and help support students,” said Ben Schears, Cowley College vice president of institutional advancement.



Winter 2012