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Fall 2014


Artwork purchased at student showcase

Continuing its support of student works, Cowley College’s Endowment Association recently purchased a pair of framed photographs at the Life: Through Words and Lens event on Thursday, May 8.


The photographs purchased were taken by Marlys Cervantes and Shawna Allison, who were students in Meg Smith’s digital photography class.


Cervantes, the Humanities Department Chair at Cowley College, had only dabbled in photography prior to taking the digital photography class. The Endowment Association purchased her photo of Ireland Hall titled “Skewed”.


Artwork purchased at student showcase “I love old buildings and have always loved Ireland Hall,” Cervantes said. “To have Cowley Endowment purchase my photo is quite an honor.”


Allison, who recently graduated from Cowley College with an associates degree in liberal arts, took the photography class with the intent to learn more about her camera.


She ended up selling a total of three pieces at the event. The Endowment Association purchased her photo titled “Pathway to Where”.


“I love pictures of things that remind me of the past,” Allison said. “It is extremely overwhelming to have people think that much of my photos.”


Allison has been employed at Saint Paul United Methodist Church in Arkansas City for the past eight years.


Ben Schears, Cowley College’s vice president for institutional advancement, enjoys seeing the unique perspectives of campus facilities as well as the different landmarks from around Cowley County, and was happy to purchase the photos for the Endowment Association.


“It is part of the Endowment Association’s mission to support students and the arts, and this wonderful venue gave us the opportunity to do both,” Schears said.