A&F Newsletter

Fall 2014


Starting a Scholarship Fund


Did you know there are two types of scholarships you can establish through the Cowley College Endowment Association? We have the ability to work with donors to establish both fully endowed scholarships and expendable scholarships to benefit Cowley students. What are the differences you may ask?


Endowed scholarships are a wonderful option for individuals who are looking to establish a permanent scholarship that will last perpetually. Once your scholarship fund has reached $10,000 (through funding options listed below) it will be endowed.


The investment earnings will be used to provide scholarships. This allows you to leave a legacy and have a lasting impact. You can continue to grow the scholarship even after it has been established!


Expendable scholarships are funded by direct gifts from you each year to the Endowment Association and then passed directly to Cowley students in a scholarship. Unlike endowed scholarships however, they only remain for as long as you continue to fund them.


Funding your scholarship can be done through yearly gifts, one-time gifts, memorials, life-insurance, stocks/bonds, trusts, estate bequests or a host of other methods. If this article has raised your interest in establishing a scholarship with Cowley College, we would be glad to work with you to set one up! Give Ben Schears a call at 620.441.5245 to learn more.