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May 18, 2004

Board discusses air conditioning in W.S. Scott Auditorium


Members of the college's Board of Trustees briefly discussed air conditioning W.S. Scott Auditorium during their regular monthly meeting Monday night.


Board members Donna Avery and LaDonna Lanning were absent. In other business, Board Chairman Albert Bacastow Jr. broached the subject, saying it was time to at least look into the possibility of installing air conditioning in the structure, which opened in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration project.


Tony Crouch, vice president of business services, said it would cost $150,000 to install AC in the building.


"Duct work is already there for the heating," he said. "We would set two (air conditioning) units on the roof and use as much of the duct work as possible."


Five small air conditioning units will be installed for the renovated lobby of the building, which is expected to be completed by late August.


Crouch said he "had no idea" what operating costs would be if the entire building was air conditioned.


"That would have to be monitored," Bacastow said. "It would be nice to have for some functions."


"Would you use it enough to justify the $150,000 expense?" Board member Mark Paton asked.


The Board requested more information, specifically an estimated cost to operate the building, to be shared at a future meeting.


In other matters, the Board:

  • Accepted the College Education Association's acceptance of a negotiation dated May 12, 2004, with the exception of the second paragraph on page one, which relates to reopening negotiations. The matter now goes back to the CEA for its consideration.
  • Set July 10 as the date for the annual Board of Trustees retreat. It will be held in the private dining room inside the Patrick J. McAtee Dining Center.
  • Heard the following construction update from Crouch: 1) The renovation work on W.S. Scott Auditorium remains on schedule. Exterior block has been set, and some interior block work remains. Electrical work continues, while most of the mechanical below the roof is complete. Roof joists and roof decking have been installed. Upcoming work includes exterior brick, mechanical systems on the roof, and work on the elevator. 2) Construction on the new classroom building has been delayed until June 21. 3) The remodeling of the men's restrooms in Galle-Johnson Hall is scheduled to begin Thursday. 4) The orchestra pit lift project is scheduled to begin in early June and be completed in early August.
  • Viewed an enrollment report which indicates that summer full-time equivalency was at 650, compared to 624 on the same date a year ago. Fall 2004 FTE is running about the same where it was at this time last year.
  • Approved the following personnel transactions: Letters of resignation from David L. Galliart, executive director of business and industry, effective May 31; and from Randy White, aviation program lead instructor, effective May 14. The Board also approved the employment of (Royce) Eddy McHargue, computer technician, effective July 1.
  • Approved compensating 12 sponsors or co-sponsors of college clubs and organizations for the 2003-2004 academic year.
  • Approved requests from 28 faculty members for advance payment of their salaries for the months of June and July, since they will have completed their contractual obligations to the college.
  • Held an executive session for 30 minutes to discuss non-elected personnel, professional negotiations, and property acquisition.