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August 18, 2003

Nelson Student Center remodeled


During the last several years, the Nelson Student Center at Cowley County Community College has undergone some major changes. About five years ago, the center portion of the facility was remodeled into a snack bar/break area.

The project was initiated by then Student Government Association President and Vice President, Damon Young and Ryan Kane.


Next came the enlargement of the kitchen area, along with new offices where the bookstore used to be located.


And this summer, the main floor and basement areas are undergoing major renovation


An elevator is being installed, students are getting back a large game room, an Internet café is being installed, the snack bar is going to be staffed and operational, and the college’s primary academic support center is being relocated to the basement.


The Underground, formerly located on the main floor of the building and called the Student-Teacher Academic Resource Center, is moving to what was the Henrietta Courtright Room. The area will be known as The Underground at Courtright Station. The center is designed to promote and enhance academic achievement.


"It’s going to function just like it did last semester," said Kelly Johnson, coordinator of student success, Title III. "We’ll offer tutoring from the afternoon into the evening, students will have computer access with printers, e-mail and word processing programs, just about anything."


Twenty-four computers will be installed in The Underground, which also offers workshops on topics of interest to both students and faculty. Johnson said The Underground would offer workshops that "are very important to students."


All of The Underground’s services are free to Cowley students. The tutoring and assessment areas are being improved, Johnson said. "We’re going to be able to offer more private tutoring," she said. "And the assessment room is going to be a much nicer area and a lot quieter." Services offered by The Underground:

  1. Computerized training and supplemental instruction in English, mathematics, natural and social sciences, computers, reading, study skills, and more.
  2. Assessment and course placement testing.
  3. Make-up testing.
  4. Peer and computerized tutoring services for all skill levels.
  5. Computer access for word processing and printing.
  6. Internet access.
  7. Discover career planning program.
  8. College transfer information and college catalogs. A mural depicting a train entering a station is being painted on the east wall of The Underground. Johnson said the area is called The Courtright Station for various reasons.


"Since we’re physically located downstairs, and the office is really a starting point for many students, we decided to name it The Courtright Station at The Underground," Johnson said. "We’re all about helping students achieve success."


Upstairs, the game room is being relocated to the old cafeteria. It will include a pool table, a Ping-Pong table, a foosball table, and an air hockey machine. Also included will be a Nintendo Game Cube and a Play Station 2, in which students may bring their own games and play on two television sets. There also will be an electronic dart board, a stereo system where students can play their own music, and some vending machines. Sue Saia, Cowley’s dean of student life, said there also were plans for adding a pinball machine, car driving game, and golf game at a later date. "The new game room is Cowley’s attempt to provide quality entertainment during students’ free time," she said.