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November 4, 2003

Cowley web site undergoes major changes


Visitors to Cowley County Community College’s website,, will be greeted by a more streamlined look, with more pictures, and more information on the home page.


The redesign was launched Monday after months of work by Mia Allen, Cowley’s webmaster, students in her web authoring class, and by the college’s marketing committee.


The main drop-down navigation structure has not changed. However, a new secondary menu was added for Apply Online, Pay Online, Online Classes, and Campus Connect. Students can access their account information, drop and add classes, and take online classes.


Also new is a Search Cowley box, which allows visitors to type in a word or phrase, hit enter, and search for pages that include that word or phrase.


Photographs of current students appear at the top of the home page, replacing the photograph that had taken up half of the page.


The largest area of the page is comprised of information. On the left is a What’s Happening box that includes a calendar of events and short bits of information.


A complete list of those events also can be accessed with a click of the mouse.


The center section of the page is made up of current features on students, faculty, and staff. Photographs will be included whenever possible. The right side of the home page promotes Cowley apparel in the Sid Regnier Bookstore.


The address is, the main campus bookstore’s site. Customers can purchase, online, selected Cowley merchandise and order textbooks for the upcoming semester.


Under the What’s Happening box is the trademarked Tiger logo. A click on the tiger takes visitors to the revamped Cowley athletic site, which has its own domain: Rex Soule, publications designer, handles all changes, updates and design of the athletic pages.


Near the bottom of the home page is a feature titled “Have You Heard. . .” Its purpose is to provide quick facts and information about the college. It randomly changes.


At the very bottom of the home page are links to the entire site map, weather, the college’s non-discrimination notice, and a place where visitors may contact the webmaster. Internal use links to the Intranet and the Faculty Access Site also are available at the bottom.


Cowley’s home page was accessed more than 50,000 times in September. The athletics pages also attract a high volume of traffic. The entire Cowley web site is comprised of several thousand pages and supporting files.