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January 10, 2005

Ten Cowley faculty members honored by Who's Who


Ten Cowley College faculty members have been honored in the eighth edition of Who’s Who Among American Teachers.

The instructors are Frank Arnold, Social Science Department; Marlys Cervantes, Humanities Department; Linda Grossman, Natural Science Department; Bev Grunder, Business and Service Technology Department; Denise Irwin, Business and Service Technology; Melinda Neal; Natural Science; Greg Nichols, Natural Science; JoLynne Oleson, Business and Service Technology; Bob Otto, Social Science; and Norman Tucker, Natural Science.

Who’s Who honors educators nominated by students from Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Who’s Who Among American High School Students-Sports Edition, and students honored in The National Dean’s List.

Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers was first published in 1990. The volume is published annually, and the eighth edition was published in October 2004. It honors approximately 156,000 outstanding teachers in six separate regional volumes. Teachers are listed alphabetically in the volume of the state where they work.

The nomination process for Who’s Who is unique in that it is the one recognition program in the education field where the ultimate consumers of education—the students—have the opportunity and responsibility to honor the teachers who have most significantly impacted their lives.

Following are some statistics of honorees in the eighth edition:

Gender: female 65.3 percent, male 34.7 percent; Marital status: married 73.4 percent, widowed .8 percent, other 25.8 percent; Age range: 30 and under 8.1 percent, 31-35 11.9 percent, 36-40 10.9 percent, 41-45 11.7 percent, 46-50 14.7 percent, 51-55 19.6 percent, 56-60 14.7 percent, and 61 and over 8.3 percent; Degrees completed: Average 1.7 per teacher, Bachelor’s degree 99 percent, Master’s degree 63 percent, Doctorate 7 percent; Area of primary involvement: Grades K-6 18.9 percent, Grades 7-8 15.6 percent, Grades 9-12 47.8 percent, College 15 percent, Graduate and professional 2.7 percent.

Additionally, 31.2 percent of the recipients are members of the National Education Association, and 86.4 percent teach at a public school.