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August 10, 2004

Cowley adds communications as program of study


Students interested in a career in communications can now pursue an associate of arts degree in that major from Cowley County Community College.

Cowley has added Communications to its long list of programs of study. General education requirements for the two-year degree comprise a minimum of 39 credit hours. But the 23 hours of recommended electives include a variety of communications courses. Humanities Department Instructor Tom Mason will teach many of the elective courses.

One of the courses being promoted within the major is Introduction to Broadcasting. It is being offered from 11-11:50 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the Arkansas City campus. The goal of this course is to help students understand the history and the advancements in the field of broadcasting, and to also help students understand what the field of broadcasting has to offer them through textbook applications and hands-on approaches. Students will not only learn about different methods and techniques in broadcasting, but will actually have the opportunity to produce their own radio show, with the possibility of having it aired on one of the local radio stations.

Other elective courses within the major include Public Speaking, Advanced Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Public Relations, Radio Practicum, and Group Dynamics.

Public Speaking. This three-hour course covers the fundamentals basic to all good private and public speaking experiences; elements in voice production and improvement, bodily movement, confidence, poise, and understanding of all types of public speeches. The course is required of all transfer curricula.

Advanced Public Speaking. This course is a continuation of Public Speaking and offers practice in proper speech habits through development and delivery of several types of speeches. It is three credit hours.

Interpersonal Communication. This course is designed to improve individual communication skills. By understanding the elements of effective communication, students will be able to create environments that will bring out the best in themselves and others. In addition, students will learn how to better turn ideas and feelings into words, how to listen more effectively, respond more appropriately to what others have said, and most important of all, how to maintain and develop good interpersonal relationships with their family, their peers and fellow workers. Emphasis is placed on small-group activities, interviewing skills and both verbal and non-verbal communication. IPC will fulfill the 3-hour Public Speaking requirement at Cowley and at some of the four-year universities in the state. However, students should check with their transfer university to verify that this course will fulfill the Speech requirement for their program.

Introduction to Public Relations. This course is designed to give students better knowledge of what the field of Public Relations entails. Students will examine the various career opportunities in public relations as they study the principles and ethics that are involved. Through practical application, students will write press releases, conduct and promote press conferences, as well as explore the vital role they play with the mass media. This course would be a great asset for anyone interested in communications, journalism, and business.

Radio Practicum. This course is designed to give students practical experience in radio broadcasting. Students will use sound editing software and equipment to produce their own radio show, with a possibility of airing it on one of the local radio stations. This practical experience, along with radio broadcasting internships for a few students, will provide a well-rounded background for anyone interested in the field of radio broadcasting. It also would make a valuable elective for a communications major.

Group Dynamics. Society derives its strength from the effective functioning of its component groups. This course is designed to provide knowledge of and demonstrated skill in the functions of small groups. This course is most helpful to any student in programs related to human behavior.

Other recommended electives: Mass Media and Society, News Reporting and Writing, Introduction to Computer Graphics, and Principles of Marketing.