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February 24, 2006

McGuire chosen as February Student of the Month


Jared McGuire is a man of many hats as the Arkansas City native is involved in several activities at Cowley College. Whether it be singing, acting, writing, or picture taking, McGuire can be seen doing it.

McGuire, the son of Jim and Janie McGuire, has been named Cowley’s February Student of the Month.

McGuire, a liberal arts major, nearly ended up at Independence Community College as he wrote a play for a contest that was sponsored by Independence and was awarded a play writing scholarship. He thought of being a student play write at Independence, but decided Cowley had better academics.

He auditioned for Cowley Director of Vocal Music Connie Donatelli and was awarded a Vocal Music scholarship. At Cowley, he is a member of Act One, Concert Choir, CC Singers, Phi Theta Kappa, and Mu Alpha Theta. He also serves as the managing editor of the Cowley Press, and has appeared in each of the school’s theatre productions during his two years at Cowley. He is also a talented photographer.

McGuire had joked with Cowley journalism instructor Dave Bostwick about why couldn’t he be student of the month, but never really thought it would happen.

“I didn’t really consider myself in the running for it, and I was kind of reluctant to accept the nomination at first,” McGuire said. ““I would like to think that I have put in a lot of work. It’s like a recognition that I am involved in my education, and proof that I am doing all of this for a reason.”

McGuire was born in Ponca City, Okla., and raised in Arkansas City. At Arkansas City High School, he was president of the Theatre Club AC Players, he was in symphonic choir all four years, and Ark Highs singing ensemble for three years. He lettered in choir and theatre for four years, and forensics his freshman year. He also wrote for the school paper all four years of high school.

He has always been a very involved student, but likes it that way.

“I feel like if I’m not busy I’m not accomplishing anything,” McGuire said. “I’m trying to get the most out of college that I can.”

McGuire says he got that trait from his father, Jim, who is an environmental health technician for Cowley County. His mother, Janie, is a teacher in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at the Arkansas City Middle School.

“I have got to give my mom credit, she encouraged me to read a lot and pushed me to try my best at everything I did,” McGuire said.

McGuire also considers his grandparents Leo and Roberta Hazaleus as being major influences in his life. His grandfather passed away when he was in the seventh grade, while his grandmother lives in Ponca City.

“I credit them for my character and helping make me the person I am today,” McGuire said.

McGuire has enjoyed writing since a young age. He attended summer writing camps at Drury College in Springfield, Mo., when he was in seventh through ninth grade.

“What was great is I met kids like me,” McGuire said. “In middle school people are afraid to be writers, actors or singers, but at writing camp you meet all these kids you can talk to and relate to. Everything sort of clicked from there.”

He also began taking pictures at a young age, but did not develop a passion for picture taking until his senior year in high school when his father loaned him his Canon AE1.

“I took that camera everywhere, now I am rarely seen without a camera,” McGuire said.

McGuire recently had some of his photographs sold at a silent auction benefiting Phi Theta Kappa.

A talented character actor, McGuire has been acting since the fifth grade. He remembers his first acting experience while performing in a play at Southwestern College.

“That feeling was just incredible,” McGuire said. “Theatre for me was a relief, I could get up there and be whoever I wanted to be.”

McGuire will act in Cowley’s upcoming spring play “Proposals”. However, down the road, he would like to take a step back and do his work from behind the scenes.

“I would love to write scripts for an independent company,” McGuire said. “I think it would be great to be a director and be able to direct low budget type films.”

He is also interested in working in the newspaper business.

“When I got to college I found that working for a newspaper is a fun life,” McGuire said. ”Dave (Bostwick) has made it a lot of fun.”

In what little free time he has, McGuire enjoys baking.

“It’s one of the things that really relaxes me,” McGuire said.

He also enjoys watching horror movies and old zombie movies. His love of movies has led him to experiment with writing scripts and making props for movies.

McGuire is undecided on where he will go after Cowley. He is considering taking a few classes and trying to get an internship at a major newspaper, or attending a four-year university.

“I’m ready to move on and get out of Ark City, but I have met so many people at Cowley that are just like me and are interested in the same things I am interested in,” McGuire said. “In High School we were kind of outsiders, but here we get recognized for the things we have done. So, I am going to miss the people that work in the offices, the students, the teachers, just a lot of people.”

He will especially miss working with Cowley instructors Connie Donatelli, Scott MacLaughlin, and Dave Bostwick.

Wherever McGuire goes after Cowley, you can bet he will remain busy. But, that’s just the way this talented young man likes it.