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March 14, 2006

Cowley instructors among those that toured East Kansas Agri-Energy facility



Cowley College instructors Brett Butler and Bob Moffatt were among the 17 area individuals that recently toured the East Kansas Agri-Energy facility in Garnett, Kan.

The facility produces 35 million gallons of ethanol annually, and consumes 35,000 bushels of grain daily. It is a new plant that has been operating since June, 2005.

Along with Butler and Moffatt, the tour group consisted of local grain producers, local financial institutions, county commissioners, the Arkansas City Chamber of Commerce, and representatives from the Cowley County Farm Bureau.

“Everyone’s level of awareness was raised as far as the basic requirements needed to construct and put a plant like that in an area,” said Butler, Cowley College industrial technology/agriculture instructor. “I think we are all pretty positive that the possibilities are there.”

Kasha Kelley, Kansas Representative for District 79, also toured the plant.

“What we are trying to do is see if there is any money out there for a feasibility study,” Butler said. “We want to see if it is feasible to put one in this area, and raise local awareness of the need and ability for us to do this locally.”

If a fuel-ethanol facility were built in this area, it would provide area grain producers another market for their product.