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May 26, 2006

Cowley offering four community art courses in the fall


Following up on the success of the Plein Air Painting class offered last semester at Cowley College, the college’s Arkansas City campus will offer four art exploration courses that are open to the community.

“There are a lot of people that need a way to express their creativity,” Humanities Department Instructor Mark Flickinger said. “This is a way to educate the community on new ideas and new mediums. When people make art they are better for it.”

The courses offered are Plein Air Painting, Raku Fire Pottery, Printmaking, and Watercolor.

Flickinger will be in charge of the Plein Air Painting course. The course will focus on different media and techniques used in painting out of doors. The class meets outside and paints at different locations around Arkansas City.

Art instructor Mike Fell will teach Raku Fire Pottery. This course presents the basic technique used in making hand built pottery and introduces the Raku method of firing.

Denise Irwin, Creative Director/Graphic Design Instructor will teach the Printmaking course, which focuses on different media and techniques employed in relief, lithographic, and various transfer types of printing.

Caryl Morgan, former Arkansas City High School art instructor, will teach the Watercolor course. The course will display a variety of practices and procedures in watercolor painting.

The five-week, pass/fail classes are worth one credit hour, and are designed for community people and non-art majors.

Class sizes are limited, so for more information, or to find out how to reserve a spot in the class, contact Flickinger at (620) 441-5255; Fell at (620) 441-5235; or Irwin at (620) 441-5561.