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July 17, 2006

Upward Bound Summer Excellence Camp participants take to challenge course


Knees trembling, heart beats racing, palms sweating, that was just some of the feelings participants in Cowley College’s Upward Bound Summer Excellence Camp experienced as they took part in the challenge course at Camp Horizon in Arkansas City on July 5.

Participants got a chance to climb across the low ropes and high ropes at Camp Horizon. The low ropes are less than eight feet off the ground, and the high ropes are roughly 35 feet above the ground. The low ropes are designed more for teamwork where they work on group dynamics such as leadership and cooperation. While, the high ropes are geared more towards personal goal setting accomplishments.

Upward Bound Academic Coordinator David Combs has been taking participants in Cowley College’s Upward Bound Summer Excellence Camp to the challenge course for the past five summers.

“The challenge course is a resource that helps students or groups work on teamwork as well as individual goal setting on a variety of different levels,”? Combs said. ”It provides a safe environment for wanting to accomplish your goals, and is a really positive experience.”

Upward Bound camp participants wrapped up their summer activities by going on a cultural trip to Branson, Mo. July 10-13.

“The trip was kind of a reward for their hard work in the summer, but it is very much a cultural trip where we try to tie in educational components as well as cultural activities they would not normally get a chance to do, especially if their was no goal setting,”? Combs said.

Pictured is Acy Ybarra.