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August 10, 2005

New employee nametags to help tighten security


All Cowley College employees, full time and part time, will be required to wear new photo identification badges to help tighten security at all campus locations.

The new policy goes into effect for the start of the fall semester, Aug. 18.

Employees will be required to wear the new ID on a lanyard.

Student IDs also have changed. By June 30, 2006, postsecondary educational institutions will not be allowed to print or encode a person’s Social Security number on or into the person’s identification card. Cowley has elected to make the change this fall. Students will be required to carry their ID card on them at all times.

All employees and students will be issued a Cowley photo ID badge that contains a 999 number, followed by a randomly-assigned six-digit number. The card contains a bar code that can be scanned at Renn Memorial Library and at the Patrick J. McAtee Dining Center.

Charles McKown, dean of research and technology, said around mid-September, his staff would begin the process of changing all computer programs to use the new ID number. The Cowley ID number will substitute a person’s Social Security number.

A growing concern with identity theft prompted Congress to enact the new law.

“We’re still required to get a student’s Social Security number,” McKown said. “We have to have it for federal financial aid, 1098T forms and some other federal requirements. Social Security numbers will be stored in a secure file.”

Students using Campus Connect will use the new ID number, along with a Pin number, to gain access to their academic information.