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November 11, 2005

Cowley students tour OSU’s new swine complex in Stillwater, Oklahoma



Cowley College’s Livestock Science and Management class recently ventured out of the classroom and had a chance to tour Oklahoma State University’s new multi million-dollar swine complex.
The roughly $10 million facility is a total confinement unit, where everything inside the facility is climate controlled. The facility is used for student research; however, they are also in the purebred swine seed stock business. The facility also sells show pigs, herd boars, and replacement females.
Brett Butler, the instructor for the Livestock Science and Management class, worked on Oklahoma State University’s old swine farm when he attended the school from 1986-1988.Butler thought the two-hour long tour of the facility was beneficial to his students.

"Our main objective is to get hands on activity, to get into a swine facility and see things that are not available in a textbook, or a classroom,” Butler said. "For the students to see how these facilities are operated is really advantageous. Many of the students that were with us on the trip had never been on a pig farm, and this is one of the most high-tech swine facilities in the United States.”

Butler is planning to take his class to the Creekstone Farms Premium Beef processing facility on Dec 7.

"You just can’t duplicate those scenarios in the classroom,” Butler said.