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December 13, 2005

Cowley College/WSU partner to offer elementary education program


Beginning the fall semester of 2006, Wichita State University in partnership with Cowley College, will provide prospective students with an opportunity to pursue an elementary teaching license by completing WSU coursework at Cowley's Arkansas City or Mulvane campus.

WSU will offer the Core courses of the elementary education licensure program at Cowley's Mulvane campus. Thanks to interactive television technology, the courses will also be beamed to the Arkansas City campus.

The partnership between Cowley and WSU was developed to help Cowley students limit their commuting time to the WSU campus and reach students in southcentral Kansas who would otherwise be unable to pursue the coursework on the WSU campus. An incoming freshman could attend classes on a Cowley campus for three and a half years, earning an associate degree from Cowley during the first two, and then attend WSU classes at a Cowley campus for the next three semesters.

The culminating student teaching semester can also be completed in a district located in southcentral Kansas. There are a few classes that students may need to complete at the Wichita campus, although the partnership is working diligently to provide all coursework at a Cowley campus.

"We are delighted to partner with WSU in bringing access to this educational program and their service area," Cowley College President Dr. Pat McAtee said. "It's another example of college's working together to serve citizens of South Central Kansas."


Upon acceptance to the WSU teacher education program, the student can enroll in the WSU Core I classes offered at Cowley during the upcoming fall semester, 2006.

"This is a fabulous opportunity for students to continue their education," Cowley College Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs Sheree Utash said.

Core I classes (with the exception of Math 501 and Investigations in Science), Core IIa, and Core IIb will be offered on Cowley's Arkansas City and Mulvane campuses, via Interactive Distance Learning.

Summer classes, P.E. Methods, and Fundamentals for the Classroom Teacher will be held on the WSU campus in Wichita. Courses are taught at times and through delivery methods that are convenient to the working adult or stay-at-home parent, as courses will typically begin after 4 p.m. or will be offered online.

"Offering courses in the evening and/or on line better serves prospective students who need to be free during the day because of needed employment and/or family obligations," said Lori Miller, Wichita State University Associate Dean for Teacher Education. "This program will help provide quality, competent instructors for employment in the southcentral school districts. It also provides potential educators with a very progressive program."

The program is on a first-come, first-serve basis and will have a capacity of up to 30 students. All WSU coursework being offered on a Cowley campus will require the WSU tuition and fees, and Cowley will provide the facilities for the program for free.