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December 22, 2005

Cowley to offer art exploration classes


Beginning this semester, Cowley College will offer three art exploration classes designed for community people and non-art majors.

The classes are, Handmade Greeting Cards; Portrait, Sculpture, and Clay; and Plein Air Painting. Denise Irwin, Creative Director/Graphic Design Instructor will teach the Handmade Greeting Cards class, while art instructor Mike Fell will teach the Portrait, Sculpture and Clay class. Mark Flickinger, Humanities Department Instructor, will be in charge of the Plein Air Painting course.

The pass/fail classes are worth one credit hour.

“We hope every semester to offer at least three different classes so people can have a chance to have fun with art,” Irwin said. “These classes offer individuals a chance to experiment and find out about different mediums.”