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January 16, 2007

Quiett and Walker to perform at Caffé Acoustic

With the first Caffé Acoustic performance of the year, Terry Quiett and Guinn Walker will be the featured act at Brown’s in Arkansas City Thursday, Jan. 18 at 7:30 p.m. There is no admission to attend the concert.

Terry Quiett is a singer-songwriter performing what might be described as "Power-Folk" or "Roots-Pop." His fusion of contemporary acoustic music with funk, R&B and 80's pop make him stand out on the singer-songwriter landscape. He has a respect for the songwriter's tradition and a love for the possibilities of the studio. High energy performances and powerful vocals continue to garner praise from audiences throughout the Midwest. Quiett is equally comfortable, whether he's playing one of his intimate Quiett & Walker shows in a coffeehouse or rattling the rafters with the 3-piece Terry Quiett Band. Either way, you need to see him live to fully appreciate all the excitement surrounding this up-and-coming artist.

Guinn Walker was raised by the likes of James Taylor, Jim Croce, and Simon and Garfunkle to name just a few. The first album he ever owned was The Osmond Brothers, which, along with a portable record player, he received upon turning five years old.

As a budding teenager he discovered the Sugar Hill Gang. Suddenly he was rapping with artists like Doug E Fresh and Curtis Blow.

High school was spent listening to Paul Carrack, Glenn Frye, Don Henley and Joe Walsh. Country music stars Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kenny Rogers later influenced him. He also enjoyed the music of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Zappa.

Then as Walker was entering college he discovered Rick James and Prince. This does not even begin to list the names of folks who have added a new twist to the songs that gush from the spirit of this songwriter. He has been said to show both a blues and folk influence.

Looking Sideways, the debut release from Terry Quiett and Guinn Walker in 2004 received rave reviews.
This is what Jedd Beaudoin of F5 magazine had to say about the CD.

“Looking Sideways, proves nothing short of amazing - with Quiett's sincere and deeply penetrating emotional sensibilities and Walker's ability to blend levity and sensitivity,” Beaudoin said. “Looking comes across as one of those all-too-rare records that makes you think, laugh and even cry. It's also a telling sign that it's virtually impossible to isolate one song as the best on this 16-track release, though "The Ride," "Waterfall," "One Wasted Jewel" and "The Things You Do For Me" are all exemplary pieces. In a perfect world, there'd be one of these albums in every home. But even if that doesn't happen Looking Sideways will remain one for the ages.”

The Union State Bank, Home National Bank, Corner Bank, The Arts at Cowley, and Cowley College fund the concert.