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February 16, 2007

Cowley student received $250 check from Home National Bank


Thomas Montiel was recently chosen to represent Cowley College at the First Annual Business Plan Challenge that will be held at Wichita State University’s W. Frank Barton School of Business in April. In recognition of Montiel’s efforts, Home National Bank, which endows the Business, Industry & Entrepreneurship program at Cowley College, presented Montiel with a $250 check on Thursday.

Cowley had some stellar business plans submitted from the Entrepreneurship I class taught by Todd Kelley and the Industrial Materials class taught by Brett Butler. From those, Montiel was selected to represent Cowley College at the competition.

The competition invites Kansas community college students and other two-year institution college students, under the auspices of a faculty sponsor, to compete for cash awards based upon their submission of a viable business plan. Finalists will be selected to participate in the Business Plan Challenge where participants will have the opportunity to present their plans and discuss launch strategies for their plans with entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Montiel took the Intro to Entrepreneurship class taught by Kelley. Through the class he learned the steps of how to operate a business. In the process he came up with a business idea for subcontractors and builders online.

The idea he came up with serves as a marketing tool for home builders, sub contractors, or home owners interested in a new home or remodeling a home.

“I have been spending a lot of time working and revising my plan trying to get some financials lined out,” Montiel said. “I am really thankful for the money, it gives me a bit of a start for the rest of the competition. I will be reinvesting the money right back into the business plan to try and get some of the bigger prizes and represent Cowley in a bigger way.”

Home National Bank President Dave Schaller is happy to assist the college and entrepreneurs in the community.

“This is just our way of giving back to the community and students who want to be true entrepreneurs in the spirit of growing business or starting a business,” Schaller said.

Along with Lisa Roberts, Cowley College Director of Business, Industry and Entrepreneurship, Home National Bank helped Cowley College endow a position for three years to help support students and gifted entrepreneurs in our area.

“It’s been very rewarding for us and it’s only just begun,” Schaller said.

Roberts said there were several good business plans submitted, but Montiel’s stood out from the others.
“The thing that stood out above all the other business plans was the innovation, it was feasible and serves a need that someone else hasn’t found that will be good for all consumers,” Roberts said. “It’s a unique way of approaching the need that truly will satisfy what the market is looking for now.”

Roberts was grateful for the support shown by Home National Bank.

 “It lends to the ongoing support that Home National Bank has for supporting entrepreneurship in our local community,” Roberts said. “They felt it was very vital to show entrepreneurs they were serious about supporting them because they know it’s important to our local economy.”

Those pictured are, from left, Lisa Roberts, Cowley College Director of Business, Industry and Entrepreneurship, Dave Schaller, President of Home National Bank in Arkansas City, Thomas Montiel, and Todd Kelley, Cowley College instructor for the Business, Computer and Information Technology Department.