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February 27, 2007

Cowley students take tour of Modern Investment Casting Company

Students in Cowley College’s Industrial Materials class recently toured the Modern Investment Casting Company in Ponca City, Okla.

Dale White, general manager of the Modern Investment Casting Company, graduated from Cowley in 1977 and led the group of students on its tour. His son, Chris, is currently a drafting technology major at Cowley.

On the tour, students learned that the Casting Company pours 85 different alloys for a wide customer base throughout the United States.

Brett Butler, instructor of the Industrial Materials class, said investment casting is much different than sand casting because of the tolerances and surface finish they can achieve.

“Investment casting was a lot different than the other casting environments we had been to in the past,” Butler said. “This particular facility is very accuracy driven.”

The facility makes several different parts for the food industry out of stainless steel. Instead of machining them, they melt the stainless steel into liquid and pour it into a mold, let it solidify and when they break it out of the mold it is very close to ready for the end user.

“The casting industry say they are the most direct rout from raw material to finished product,” Butler said.
Butler said the company gave the students a tour of the entire facility and provided them with a packet of information about the facility.

“It was a very interesting tour,” Butler said. “It will be a regular stop from here on out because it is so unique.”