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March 28, 2007

Cowley honors 20 employees for years of service


Cowley honors employees for years of serviceEmployees recognized for 10 years of service are, pictured from left, Patty Mugler, Scott MacLaughlin, Sheree Utash, Dave Bostwick, Pam Smith, Bob Moffat, and Julie Perdue. Not pictured are Joyce Cox, Slade Griffiths, Kay Kautz, and Gina McKown.

Twenty Cowley College employees were honored Wednesday afternoon for their years of service during a recognition ceremony in the Earle N. Wright Community Room inside the Brown Center.

Employees were honored in five-year increments.

Dr. Pat McAtee, Cowley president, introduced each employee. Several employees shared their most memorable moments while working at Cowley with their co-workers.

“Along with the members of the Board of Trustees, I want to extend my appreciation to all of you,” McAtee said. “We appreciate everything you do for the college. The college would not be what it is without you good people.”

Awards are presented annually to employees who have worked five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 consecutive years.

This year’s award recipients:
20 years: Martha Schartz, custodian.

15 years: Janice Stover, director of academic enrichment.

10 years: Dave Bostwick, journalism director/Humanities Department instructor; Joyce Cox, vocational career counselor and outreach advisor; Slade Griffiths, Allied Health Department chair/director of EMS education; Kay Kautz, Social Science Department instructor at SSEC; Scott MacLaughlin, director of theatre and theatrical services/Humanities Department instructor; Gina McKown, director of the Wellness Center; Bob Moffat, Career and Technical Education Department instructor; Patty Mugler, administrative assistant to the athletic director; Julie Perdue, secretary in the registrar’s office; Pam Smith, Natural Science Department instructor; Sheree Utash, vice president of student and academic affairs.

Five years: Leslie Berryhill, director of natural sciences, math, health,  and education at SSEC; Mark Flickinger, Humanities Department instructor; Jimmy Gibson, maintenance technician, Gary Grayum, custodian; Rich Mehuron, Natural Science Department instructor; Jacque Ramirez, Humanities Department secretary; Cindy Young, accounts receivable clerk.