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June 21, 2007

Cowley hosts Homeschool College Experience


Providing an opportunity for homeschool students to explore one of the best kept secrets in Kansas higher education, Cowley College hosted the Homeschool College Experience Wednesday at its Arkansas City campus.

The informative and fun-filled event included a presentation, tour of the campus and lunch.

Ben Schears, Cowley College Director of Admissions, was pleased with the number of students and families that took part in the event.

“We had a higher turnout than last year and hopefully spurred some additional interest in the homeschool community,” Schears said. “It was a good opportunity for them to see the campus and get a first hand look at what kind of a family environment we promote here.”

Over the past couple of years, Cowley has made changes to its homeschool and admissions policies to make it as easy for homeschool students to enroll as it is for public school students.

Cowley is one of the most homeschool friendly colleges in the state of Kansas as they are the only community college in the state to receive the Home School Legal Defense Association Tier 1 rating.