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Aug. 17, 2006

Speaker tells Cowley orientation students to dream big


Rhett Laubach kept 343 Cowley College freshmen thinking and laughing during the New Student Orientation held Wednesday morning in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Laubach, a professional speaker, author, presentations coach, personal leadership intelligence expert and owner of YourNextSpeaker, LLC, kept the audiences attention for the full hour.

Laubach told the audience to meet as many people as they could during their time in college, get involved in student organizations, and to take the time to speak with their counselors and instructors.

“I want you to look back at your time in college and say I made the most of it, and did everything I could do during my time at college,” Laubach said. “Your ability to do those things effectively will impact your life for the rest of your life.”

Laubach spoke about the four stages of life, which are survival, stability, success, and significance.
To get from survival, the most basic stage, to stability, means taking personal responsibility for your choices. To get from stability to success takes finding what you are good at and engaging your strengths. The way to reach significance is by doing something to help someone else.

“I challenge you to find something where you can help other people,” Laubach said. “The more you engage that muscle here at college, the more you will be significant.”

Laubach then showed a short video clip that listed 10 things he wants the students to work on at college. The 10 things are:

1. Vision; 2. Integrity; 3. Innovative; 4. Wise Judgment; 5. Service Minded; 6. Goal Processing; 7. Skill Assessment; 8. Emotional Maturity; 9. Fostering Relationships; 10. Masterful Communication.

“I hope there is at least one person that thinks about your college experience a little different and is a little more motivated and ready to get out there and change the world,” Laubach said.