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September 12, 2006

Drilling recruiter talks to students in Cowley’s NDT class


Looking to hire upcoming graduates in the Non Destructive Testing field, Keith Grogan, the manager of recruiting and staffing at T H Hill Associates, Inc., spoke to students in Cowley College’s Non Destructive Testing class on Friday.

T H Hill Associates, Inc. provides technical drilling engineering and quality management services for the oil and gas industry. The company operates in drilling operations, with its deepest wells reaching 35,000 feet deep.

Grogan told Cowley’s Non Destructive Testing students in order to keep the oil flowing 100,000 wells will need to be drilled over the next year, at a cost to the industry of over $240 billion dollars.

Since 2002, the annual number of wells drilled has increased by 46 percent. So, T H Hill and Associates, Inc. is looking to hire quality assurance technicians and drilling engineers.

The company, which is based in Houston, Texas, is interested in targeting two-year associate of science students in the NDT field. Grogan decided to speak to student’s in Cowley’s Non Destructive Testing class because of the good things he had read about the program, which is taught by Cowley College department chair for the Industrial Technology department Bruce Crouse. Grogan found out about Cowley by visiting the college’s web site.

“I really appreciate our web site and how effective it has been for us,” Crouse said. “The class learned a lot from Mr. Grogan’s visit. When business and industry folks visit us they bring a lot of information that the students can’t learn in the classroom.”

Grogan felt good about his trip to Cowley and hopes to make a return visit to the school once spring graduation nears.

“In the past our company has sought more experience within the industry, people that had 10-15 years experience in doing the inspection work,” Grogan said. “Now, we are doing what we did 20 years ago, which is bringing in a fresh crop and training them in house.”

T H Hill Associates, Inc. is one of several regional and local companies that will make trips to Cowley to talk to the students in the Non Destructive Testing class. General Electric Company, Cessna Aircraft Company, and Raytheon Aircraft Company are among the area companies that make recruiting visits to Crouse’s classroom.

“When those companies are here they talk about the job requirements and what the typical day is like for an inspector,” Crouse said.