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September 14, 2006

Cowley adjunct instructors recognized by Mary Jane Teall committee


Misty Maynard, an adjunct faculty member at Cowley College’s north campus, is the Mary Jane Teall honoree for 2006. While, fellow Cowley adjunct instructor Clayton Crenshaw, who appeared in the production of Charley’s Aunt, which was directed by Maynard, was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award by the Mary Jane Teall committee.

Maynard and Crenshaw (pictured acting in Charley's Aunt) will be on hand for the Mary Jane Teall Theatre Awards banquet held Monday at the Cabaret Old Town from 7-10 p.m.

The Mary Jane Teall Theatre awards are given every year. Nominations go towards individuals that have been active in theatres in the Wichita metro area.

Mary Jane Teall started the Wichita Community Theatre and was the artistic director of WCT for 43 years. The little theatre at Wichita’s Century Two is named after Teall.

When Teall died as the result of a car wreck, a group of theatre people in town decided to establish a yearly award ceremony in her honor. This is the 12th year for the awards.

In the past, 23 awards have gone either to Maynard’s theatre, the Kechi Playhouse, or to people who have worked at the Kechi Playhouse.

The Kechi Playhouse is a 100 seat theatre that produces live stage shows from June through October. Maynard has directed all 124 shows that have been done during the 24 years of the Playhouse’s existence.

Maynard, who teaches public speaking, integrated humanities, and general psychology at Cowley, has also directed shows at the Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita Community Theatre, Newman University, the Music Theatre for Young People, and seven shows at the Derby Community Theatre. She also produced a dinner theatre at Old Cow Town, and has written four plays, which have all been produced.

“Being recognized by my peers for the Mary Jane Teall Award makes me feel very special,” said Maynard.

Maynard has taught at Cowley since 1992 and was the teacher of the month for the Mulvane campus in February, 1994.

Crenshaw, who teaches English, composition I and II, and theatre appreciation at Cowley’s north campus, was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as the butler, Brassette, in the production of Charley’s Aunt. The show ran 20 times in the month of July at the Kechi Playhouse.

“The character Brassette allowed me to use my talents to create a character that was flexible, and one that I could do a lot of things with,” Crenshaw said. “I also enjoyed working at the Kechi Playhouse because the setting is so intimate.”

Three other individuals have been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award.

“The nomination came as a complete surprise to me when you think of the area that is involved,” Crenshaw said. “Just the fact of being nominated is an honor.”

Crenshaw, who has taught at Cowley since 2001, has worked with Maynard on several shows.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Misty and have learned a lot by being in her shows,” Crenshaw said.

Other Cowley instructors who have worked with Maynard are Teddy Barlow, Betty Ross, Laurie Mulford, and Dave Landin, who also does a lot of the set building at the Playhouse.