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September 19, 2006

Cowley offering Computer Forensics program


Having been approved by the Kansas Board of Regents in the spring, Cowley College is now offering a Computer Forensics program in its Business, Computer and Information Technology Department.

The objective of the program is to develop a structured course plan that will provide students a clear, concise, path to prepare for entry into the computer forensics field. The classes provide course work for basic skill sets for introductory level positions in the computer forensics environment.

Hackers, viruses and spy ware all conspire to make digital communications unsafe. Computer Forensics has a two-pronged approach; one is to gather evidence of a crime or an event that is against company policy, on a computer network; and two, recover data that has been accidentally or purposefully damaged. Students enrolled in Computer Forensics will have in-depth knowledge of workstation hardware and software, networks, network security systems and server hardware and operating systems.

Courses being offered in the program include Security Plus classes, Server Plus, Customer Service Skills, Computer Hardware Part One and Part Two, and Networking Plus Part One and Part Two.

Individuals that take part in the Computer Hardware/Software Part One and Part Two and Networking Plus Part One and Part Two, can go on to receive A Plus and Net Plus certification.

For more information on the Computer Forensics program contact the Cowley College admissions office at (620) 441-5303.