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October 6, 2006

Cowley’s Day of Learning

Discover the Noise

On October 6, 2006, the faculty and staff of Cowley College had a day-long session designed to explore "the noise" that makes Cowley College the unique learning community that it is and can be in the years ahead.
The purposes of this Day of Learning were to discover the noise of Cowley's past by focusing on what has made us successful; to identify the positive core that people value the most; and to create images of what our future can be.

The moderator of Discover the Noise was Dr. David D. Gatewood, a facilitator for The Chair Academy, an internationally recognized organization focused on post-secondary leadership training.


Employees were paired up according to how long they had been at Cowley College -- the newest employee was paired with the person who had been here the longest, and so forth. After in depth interviews, the pair introduced each other by focusing on those qualities that they valued most about themselves, their work and Cowley College.

Through song, skits, sketches, poems, and pantomime, Cowley employees Sent Good Vibrations about themes that lead to success.

Drawing on all that we had discussed during the day, twelve teams worked on creating provocative "BIG NOISE" propositions.

Provocative Propositions

Our Diversities allow us to compliment each other.

Team 1) Cowley College has become a learning institution that celebrates the diversity of cultures among its students, staff, and faculty. We annually hold a cultural exhibition which involves the entire community. This provides an opportunity to educate and embrace our individual uniqueness which ultimately leads to global unity. This celebration is then marketed to broaden recruitment opportunities for Cowley College. (Michelle Knoles, Cathy Hendricks, Emily Brown, Amy McWhirt)

Team 2) Cowley College creates a diverse learning environment for students of various ethnicities, ages, and academic abilities. The college is expanding campus diversity when hiring faculty, administration and staff. Opportunities for cultural enrichment are offered through faculty/staff in-service and student organization. (Marvis Gaddie, Tom Mason, Marta Fernandez)

My attitude becomes the College’s reality.

Team 1) Our attitude becomes the college’s reality, so we choose to be positive. (Diane Kelly, Sarah Wesbrooks, Sue Saia)
Team 2) Attitude allows Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Do, Freedom to Be. (Josh Fleig, Liz Shepard, Roy Reynolds, Melinda Neal)

Collective Passion Makes Individual Differences.
Team 1) The collective passion at Cowley will put the “wow” in personal empowerment. (Jolynne Stalnaker, Connie Donatelli, Bruce Watson, Steve Butler)

Team 2)The collective passion of all Cowley employees makes a difference in the individual lives of our students. This goal is accomplished by adapting to the needs of community and students through forward thinking, innovation and technology. (Tom Houser, Bryan McChesney, Dawna Headrick, Janice Neagle, Anne Erhart, Vicki Crouch, Sara Eubanks, Pat Mauzey)

You may be one person to the world, but the world to one person.
Team 1) Through strategic planning and mentoring, Cowley College strives to provide an environment of support where everyone is valued. (Julie Rhoads, Kelly Johnson, Ken Spurgen, Mark Ward, Brian Haden)
Team 2)The Cowley family, which includes students and employees, considers it a sacred trust to invest in the lives and unique potential of each individual. (Cindy Young, Shannon Massey, Chasity Bain, Jacque Ramirez, Roxana James, Teresa Klingsick, Pam Doyle, Ellen Kelly, Andy McFayden, Kay Kautz, Teri Morrow, Dejon Ewing, Teri Hutchinson)

Having a shared vision and be empowered to achieve goals.
Team 1) Our employees have the power and responsibility to do whatever it takes to provide an environment for student success in an ever changing global society. (Slade Griffith, Tony Crouch, Leslie Berryhill, Beverly Grunder, Casey Eubanks, Chris Cannon)
Team 2) As we look to the future, we envision our campus as a globally recognized institution, with pride, integrity and energy in all areas. We work towards the common goal of improving and motivating our students. (Bruce Crouse, Lindsey Davis, Linda Grossman, Cynthia Wesson)

Don’t settle, continually raise the bar.
Team 1) Cowley College doesn’t settle. We are continually raising the bar by challenging our students to move beyond their own expectations, by promoting continuing educations and by providing individuals with access to real world expertise. (Clinton Marlow, Dennis Ramey, Donni McClaflin)
Team 2) Cowley College is committed to learning excellence. We believe that student learning and comprehensive faculty and staff development are crucial to staying on the leading edge of change. (Pam Smith, Chris Mayer, Todd Sheperd)