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November 10, 2006

Rockapella displays unique sound at Cowley’s Robert Brown Theatre


The A cappella group Rockapella had members of the audience screaming for more during their performance Thursday night at Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre.

The five-man group, which took a break from its world tour with the legendary Boston Pops, wowed the crowd with their incredible vocals as they performed versions of classic tunes “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone”, “Love Potion Number Nine”, “Stand By Me” and “Under the Boardwalk”. They also performed some of their original songs like “Tonight” and “California Sad-Eyed Girl.

After returning to the stage for an encore, the group concluded the show by singing one of the fan favorites, “Where In The World Is  Carmen Sandiego?”

The Cowley College Singers opened for the group and gave a stellar performance as well. After Rockapella’s first song of the evening, the group’s Scott Leonard took a moment to praise the CC Singers and vocal music director Connie Donatelli for their performance.

Along with Leonard, Rockapella is made up of Kevin Wright, George Baldi, John Brown and Jeff Thacher.
Pulling pure talent together is the key to Rockapella's incredible and unique sound. Rockapella's widespread appeal has built legions of fans throughout the USA and across the globe.

The event was partially sponsored by the Kansas Arts Commission and Home National Bank.

Pictured are, from left, Kevin Wright, John Brown and Scott Leonard.