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December 5, 2006

“Big Bad” entertains area children


More than 1,100 area children attended the morning and afternoon presentations of Cowley College’s Children’s Theatre production of “Big Bad” held Tuesday at the Robert Brown Theatre.

The children in attendance were from Arkansas City, Winfield, and Ponca City (Okla.) schools. The evening performance, which was open to the public, had more than 220 people in attendance.

Tom Mason, Cowley College communications director, directed the show, which allows the children to decide the fate of the Big Bad Wolf.

“I love doing children’s shows,” Mason said. “The kids like it because they get to be involved.”

Cowley students that have acting parts in the show are, in order of appearance with their character listed in parentheses, Aubrey Slief (Sydney Grimm), Rachel Bloyer (Fairy Godmother), Chloe Gray (Little Red Riding Hood), Britnee Leighton (Grandmother Hood), Nikki Watkins (One), Joe Lauer (Two), Jessica Tibbott (Three), Jesse Davis (Bill Woodcutter), Brittany Richerson (Shepherdess), Sean Rethmeier (Boy Who Cried Wolf), Chad Law (Big Bad Wolf), Trevor Whitsitt (Judge Wise Old Man), Kate Kearns (Evil Stepmother), pictured, and Miss Muffit (Amanda-Marie Black).

“This type of show is really good for the college actors because they get to experience a different type of audience,” Mason said.

Jamison Rhoads serves as the show’s technical director, while Nicole Bradford is the stage manager. Brandon Cheney (sound board operator), Michael Holtke (light board operator), and John McDonald (follow spot operator) round out the crew for the show.