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December 6, 2006

Temporal Mechanics Union to perform tonight at 7:30


The Temporal Mechanics Union, a percussion ensemble built on dedication, enthusiasm and creativity, will perform tonight in the Robert Brown Theatre at 7:30.

The group will present a musical score to accompany the silent animated film “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”.

Created in Germany in 1926 by Lotte Reiniger, the film tells the tale of a wicked African sorcerer who crafts a wooden flying horse to present to the Caliph of Baghdad on his birthday.

The sorcerer, who wants the Caliph’s daughter in exchange for his flying horse creation, tricks Prince Achmed into testing out the horse beforehand.

Instead, the sorcerer’s concoction takes Achmed on an unexpected adventure that changes his life forever.

TMU is an all-ability, community based percussion ensemble. Anyone may join, there's no auddition and no experience is necessary. Current members of TMU include Rachele Bloyer, Jesse Davis, Wayne Farley, Mike Fell, Chansi Long, Winston Lovelace, Justin Smith, Bryan McChesney and Philip Vinson. For more information, contact Chris Mayer at 620-441-5229, or go to