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December 7, 2006

Cowley students honored with Good Apple Award


Current Cowley College students Brandi Anderson and Kelly Adams joined former Cowley students Michelle Miller, Melissa Klein, and Janet Porter on the Caldwell Elementary School Interpreter Team that received a Good Apple Award on Monday.

The Good Apple Award program allows schools and administrative support centers to recognize employees, volunteers and school partners who go that extra step in helping the school district and its students to succeed.

Sara Eubanks, Cowley College coordinator of interpreter training, was happy to see the individuals recognized for their hard work.

“The Interpreter Training Faculty and Staff are very excited for our students and colleagues at Caldwell Elementary School,” Eubanks said. “Each of those team members work long and hard to make the educational experience of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students of Caldwell the most that it can be. We are especially proud, however, of our current students who are working as interpreters there. Their hard work and dedication to the field is a testimony to their hard work in the classroom and their dedication to the field in which they are entering.”

Other members of the Caldwell Elementary School Interpreter Team are, Jean Bellairs (language facilitator), Veronica Frambers (lead interpreter), Darla DeSpain, Phyllis Hogue, and Andrea O’Byrne.

Pictured are Cowley students Brandi Anderson and Kelly Adams.