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December 11, 2006

Board approves to renew lease at Southside Education Center


Cowley College’s Board of Trustees approved the decision to renew the lease agreement for the Southside Education Center in Wichita through August of 2008 during a meeting held Monday afternoon in the Board Conference Room.

Cowley will continue to offer both vocational and academic programs to serve the needs of students. Cowley administrators will continue to work with regional educational institutions including WSU, in order to develop future academic and vocational programming for the Southside Center.

Cowley College President Dr. Patrick J. McAtee acknowledged that the school’s current partnership agreement with Wichita State University at the Southside Education Center will not be renewed as of August of 2007.

Cowley has taught classes at the Southside Center for the past 10 years. However, WSU will no longer allow Cowley to offer classes that WSU administrators view as duplicative.

Cowley classes will continue to transfer and articulate to WSU as this is covered under ongoing articulation and transfer agreements, which remain in place for both institutions.

The previous lease would have expired at the end of October 2007. Cowley will continue to look at new programs, both vocational and educational, that would be beneficial to its students.

“I think the Southside Education Center will remain very active and very busy at least during the term of the lease we are extending,” McAtee said. “We will look at alternatives to remain viable at the Southside Center and in the region. This lets people know that we will be at the Southside Center until at least August of 2008.”