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January 4, 2008

Study rates Cowley College as having the best admissions web site


Cowley College was recently recognized as having the best admissions web site among all community colleges in a study conducted by the National Research Center for College & University Admissions (NRCCUA).

Along with having the top-ranked community college admissions web site, Cowley was also the only school in Kansas to have its admissions web site ranked among the top-10 institutions in the Midwest.
“For me it’s a validation that we are on the right path in providing an admissions web site that is functional for students, easy to navigate and has the information on there that they need,” Cowley College director of admissions Ben Schears said.

Schears along with Cowley College director of web services Diana Dicken, assistant web master Janet Kennedy and graphic designer Kris Ripley, created the admissions web site.

The NRCCUA, the leading organization connecting young people and their families with colleges and universities around the country, released its annual rankings of the admissions web sites of more than 3,000 postsecondary institutions. 

The ninth annual Enrollment Power Index® (EPI), a research-based analysis, rates how well the functionality and design of college and university web sites provide information to potential students to take them from prospect to applicant. 

 “Today’s technically savvy generation of students has extremely high expectations when it comes to the amount and type of admissions information they find on university web sites,” said Don Munce, President of NRCCUA. “Meeting these expectations with quality, up-to-date web sites will help students better navigate the admissions process and ensure that colleges and universities are attracting students in the Internet generation.”

EPI measures the ability of a college or university admissions web site to take students from a prospect to an applicant. It provides a detailed analysis of trends and clear indicators of what institutions can do to improve the effectiveness of their sites.

 To identify the site features that have the most significant impact of a potential student’s perception of the site, an email survey was sent to more than 100,000 college-bound high school students asking them to rate two admissions web sites. Next, over 3,000 sites were evaluated to identify functional features present on each site. Statistical tests were then used to identify the functional features that were important to students and their relative importance.

To view Cowley’s admissions web site go to:

Top 10 Community Colleges

1. Cowley County Community College, KS
2. Louisburg College, NC
3. Middle Georgia College, GA
4. Briarwood College, CT
5. Southern College, FL
6. Jamestown Community College, NY
7. Kilgore College, TX
8. Northwest College, WY
9. Iowa Western Community College, IA
10. Metropolitan Community College, MO

Top 10 Institutions in the Midwest

1. Lawrence University, WI
2. Wayne State University, MI
3. Lakeland College, WI
4. Emmaus Bible College, IA
5. Mount Mercy College, IA
6. College of Mount St Joseph, OH
7. Ohio Northern University, OH
8. Central College, IA
9. Dominican University, IL
10. Cowley County Community College, KS