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January 22, 2008

Students in Cowley's Multicultural Scholars Program attend event at KU


Multicultural Scholars ProgramThe students and directors in Cowley College’s Multicultural Scholars Program attended a weekend event at the University of Kansas. The group was introduced at a banquet Saturday evening.

It was mentioned that the average GPA for Cowley’s scholars (2.93) was above the average student GPA for all Cowley students (2.87), just as is the case with the average for the over 130 MSP scholars from KU, Donnelly College and Kansas City Kansas Community College. The three community colleges were brought into the program this year under the grant KU obtained for the program.

At the banquet, the group heard Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Roderick Bremby. Bremby encouraged students to take charge of their health and explained numerous aspects of the proposed health reform package recently submitted to the Kansas legislature. Bremby has most recently been in the news nationwide due to his work against the coal industry’s desired move into Kansas. After Bremby’s address, the group was treated to past MSP scholar and KU graduate Erica Hawthorne’s recital of song and poetry.

After the banquet the students and guests adjourned to attend the Royal Philharmonic Symphony with Grammy-award winning director/violinist Pinchas Zukerman.

Cowley students attending the event were Pablo Fuentes, Viridiana Sanchez, Manny Thompson, Isiah Lykes, Robert Young, and Janee Gabbard. Cowley’s directors of the program are Marlys Cervantes and Amy McWhirt. Dean Pam Doyle also attended. The next event the group will attend is February 18 when John Bul Dau speaks at Cowley.