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February 6, 2008

Cowley starts up new entrepreneurship program


A new entrepreneurship program offered through Cowley College to Oxford High School students emphasizes real-life work skills that students can't learn in a textbook.

About 50 business people from Cowley and Sumner Counties recently got an up-close look at the program, as the 10 juniors and seniors in the program served their guests a lunch at the Old Oxford Mill.

The students are bringing back to life a place of business that has deep historical significance for the Oxford community. Built in 1874, the old mill produced flour and cornmeal that pumped up the local economy.

Lisa Roberts, Cowley College's entrepreneurship program director, serves as the instructor of the class.

“We have a great group of students that are taking the initiative, thinking creatively, actively pursuing and capitalizing on opportunities they are uncovering and leading the charge,” Roberts said. “I consider it my responsibility to help them realize how important they are to our communities - now and in the future. I'm thrilled to have received numerous requests from other schools in our area interested in exploring the same opportunities in their communities.”

Students of all interests are encouraged to enroll in and benefit from Cowley’s entrepreneurship courses.
“All students from those enrolled in Allied Health, Career and Tech Ed to Social Sciences can greatly benefit from learning to think entrepreneurially, learning how to problem solve, think critically and develop superior decision making skills by taking these entrepreneurship courses,” Roberts said.

Cowley offers Intro to Entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurial Experience, and Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership Internship.

Intro to Entrepreneurship is an online hybrid and the first in a series of courses and is designed to explore business opportunities and how to effectively evaluate the viability of those opportunities. This course can also be delivered as an on-ground or on-line course.

The Entrepreneurial Experience is the second in the course series and is focused on the development of an in-depth business plan for the business opportunity. This may be structured as either an online hybrid, purely on-line or purely on-ground course.

Students in the Entrepreneurial Experience will learn the different paths to business ownership, how to effectively market new products, how to develop a customer-centric business plan, how to develop entrepreneurial management strategies for the 21st century and how to plan financially for a business.

Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership Internship is an internship program designed to give students practical experience in their preparation for career success and to provide opportunities to experience the connection between work and learning. The internship experience provides many benefits, from enhancing the student’s knowledge of an industry or business field to increasing their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Internships offer students an opportunity to improve their professional skills, familiarize themselves with the business environment, network with business professionals, and refine their personal and career goals and aspirations.

More about these courses can be found at

“I am extremely fortunate to be in a position to work with entrepreneurial activities in our communities,” Roberts said.