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February 13, 2008

Cowley announces new tuition scholarship program


Arkansas City High school students that maintain a good grade point average and attendance record can qualify for a new tuition scholarship program at Cowley College.

The new scholarship, which will be sponsored jointly by Cowley College and Arkansas City High School, is available for students that complete the Work Ethic Program at Arkansas City High School.

“The college wanted to support this program at the high school because it emphasizes the very skills that we want our students to have (punctuality, attendance, good grades, etc),” Cowley College vice president of student affairs Sue Saia said. “We want to reinforce the importance of those skills.”

The scholarship is good for four semesters and is automatic for students who complete the Work Ethic Program.

"Students who complete the program will be better workers and help develop better businesses in the workplace,” Saia said.