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February 19, 2008

Roof to be on new dorm by early April


Members of Cowley College’s Board of Trustees received an update on construction of the new dorm during its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

Despite a few weather related delays, the dorm’s completion date remains August 1. Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services at Cowley College, let members of the Board know that with all of the precast panels for the first floor in place, the next step in the assembly process is the hollow core.

To try to make up for the weather delays, Conco will work on site issues that would have been done later in the project to try and remain on schedule. This includes moving up the timeline for temporary electricity to the building.

As now scheduled, the roof should be going on the building in early April, with interior drywall and painting beginning in mid April, and brick veneer in early May.

In other matters, the Board:

  1. Saw Cowley President Dr. Pat McAtee present a gift to Alex Skov of Winfield for being named February Student of the Month.
  2. Ron Godsey and LaDonna Lanning provided the Board members with a synopsis of the Community College National Legislative Seminar they attended Feb. 11-13 in Washington, D.C.
  3. Mark Paton Donna Avery, Ron Godsey, and Dr. McAtee discussed the PTK Honor’s Luncheon they attended Feb. 14 in Topeka. Avery and Dr. McAtee provided an update on the KACCT Board/Cop meeting they attended prior to the PTK Honor’s Luncheon.
  4. Rama Peroo, Diana Dicken, Janet Kennedy, and Ben Schears showed the members of the Board the new television commercial and infomercial. They then followed with a power point presentation showing different projects they are working on in terms of marketing Cowley College.
  5. The Board approved a few revisions due to the elimination of the basement in the new dormitory that is being built. Despite the additional costs that were made with these revisions, the college is still well within the funds available for the project.
  6. Approved the decision to send out proposals for potential refunding of Certificates for the track facility.
  7. Approved no increase in tuition except for International students. They also approved a $3 increase in fees for all students. International tuition should increase 10 percent, or $15 as discussed when implementing the international student recruitment services. They also approved a three percent increase in rates for next year for dorm charges in 2008-09. This represents a $700 or 20 percent per year increase for a 14 meal plan and $700 or 19.44 percent per year increase for the 19 meal plan. The increase is necessary to cover the price increases from Great Western Dining and the amount of debt reduction payments scheduled for the coming year.
  8. Viewed a spring enrollment report that indicates as of Feb. 12, full-time equivalency was 3,026, which is up from 2,992 on Feb. 12, 2007.
  9. Accepted the resignation of Kim Biddle as Director of Student Success, effective Feb. 20.
  10. Approved the employment of Dane Straight as assistant soccer coach, effective Feb. 1. Approved the employment of Rashelle Cobble as accounts receivable specialist, effective Feb. 19.
  11. Lee Gregg Jr. was absent from the meeting.