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March 18, 2008

Safety issues discussed at Board Meeting


Members of Cowley College’s campus security provided Board Members with information on campus security and future security techniques for the college during the Board of Trustees regular monthly meeting Monday night.

Matt Stone, Eddie Santiago, Mark Bazil and Leon Washington wanted feedback from members of the Board of Trustees as to what role the Board expects security to play for the college community.

Members of the college’s Security Department formed a Security Advisory Committee in February, 2007. The committee feels tasers and firearms should be available for trained security personnel.

After the committee’s input, the issue was discussed with the administration at the college. Administration also expected security personnel to be able to handle any type of situation that may arise on campus and for the security personnel to have the appropriate tools to effectively and safely perform those duties.

Members of the college’s security department also met with the college’s Student Government Association and the students were strongly supportive of the security department being armed and able to intervene in the event of an emergency arising on campus.

Members of the Board will review the materials that were handed out and the information will be presented again in the future.

In other matters, the Board:

  1. Heard an update on construction of the new dormitory. With the weather cooperating, changes are happening quickly. All of the precast panels for the first and second floors are in place, and the third floor is in process. Hollowcore flooring has been installed between floors one and two and floors two and three. Much of the interior block work is completed on the first floor, with stair assemblies in place from the first to second floor. The timeline will have the crane off site by the end of the month and have the roof going on the building in early April, with interior drywall and painting beginning in mid April, and brick veneer in early May.
  2. Viewed a spring enrollment report that indicates as of March 11, full-time equivalency was 2,963, which is up from 2,945 on March 11, 2007.
  3. Accepted the resignation of Mark Grant as automotive instructor, effective Feb. 29; Accepted the resignation of Tara Crippen as receptionist at the Aviation Tech Center, effective Feb. 22; Accepted the resignation of Sheree Utash as vice president of academic affairs, effective May 30; Accepted the resignation of Sarah Leftwich as dean of north campus, effective June 1; Accepted the resignation of Pam Doyle as Dean of enrollment and retention services, effective July 1; Accepted the resignation of Susan Norton as Dean of corporate education and director of business, computer and information technology for north campuses, effective May 30; Accepted the resignation of Sara Eubanks as coordinator of interpreter training, effective June 30; Accepted the resignation of Bridget Mack as interior design program coordinator, effective June 30; Accepted the resignation of Lisa Roberts as director of business, industry and entrepreneurship, effective March 27.
  4. Approved the employment of Joseph Byrne as instructional specialist at ATC East, effective March 24. This position will transfer to WATC on May 1.
  5. Approved the proposal to extend the employment of Steve Eck as head men’s basketball coach and Todd Clark as head women’s basketball coach.
  6. Held an executive session to discuss non-elected personnel, professional negotiations, property acquisition, and consult with legal counsel for 20 minutes.
  7. Mark Paton made a motion to approve the proposed lease on property at Crystal Point, located at 4900 E. Pawnee in Wichita, subject to approval of the lease agreement.
  8. Sally Palmer, financial aid director, and Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services, went over audit information provided by Parman, Tanner, Soule, and Jackson.