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April 2, 2008

Cowley College to add 30 international students in the fall


The international student body at Cowley College’s main campus will more than double in the fall as the college recently announced that 30 international students will be heading to the school for the 2008-09 academic year.

The Archimedes Group International contacted Cowley College about a year and a half ago, looking to promote recruiting international students for community colleges.

Ben Schears, Cowley College’s director of international student services, decided to pursue the opportunity and after finding out more information requested 30 international students to come to Cowley.

Schears is a member of the college’s AQIP Multicultural Diversity committee, which was formed to promote cultural awareness on the Cowley College campus and in the Arkansas City community.

Including the 30 international students that will be attending Cowley in the fall, the college expects to have more than 50 international students on its main campus.

Cowley College has a multicultural diversity group, which celebrates all of the different cultures on campus. Through the group, SHADE was formed. SHADE stands for Students Honoring All Diverse Ethnicities.

“I think it is important students realize we are part of a global society and need to be aware of other cultures,” Schears said. “As internationalization increases it will become even more important for the students to have exposure to the global society.”

Many of the international students will not only be on campus, they will also be out it in the community. Schears hopes to do a cultural day at the Ark City grade schools.

“It will be positive for the community to gain exposure to the international students as well,” Schears said.
The international students will come to Cowley from South America, Eastern Europe, and East Asia.

“This also serves as a great way to generate revenue for the college and hopefully slow the rising costs of education,” Schears said.