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April 18, 2008


Sophomores shine during vocal recital

Having made great strides during their two years at Cowley College, sophomores Elisha Swope, Candace Scott (pictured), and Shawn Ming presented a vocal recital Thursday night in the Robert Brown Theatre.

The recital was put together by applied vocal instructor Connie Donatelli, who was proud of the sophomores performance.

“Most music majors don't even begin to do what those three did until their junior or senior year,” Donatelli said. “The night was a culmination of four semesters of studying applied voice and it is quite amazing for me to think how far each student has come from their first semester as freshmen.”

The sophomores combined to sing a total of 23 songs during the recital. Steve Butler accompanied Scott and Swope on the piano during the song “For Good”, which is from the musical, Wicked.