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May 1, 2008

Cowley students enjoy a night of “Deal or No Deal”


Alex Skov and Baylee CunninghamPutting together a spin off of the popular television show “Deal or No Deal”, Cowley College students took part in the school’s version of the game show Wednesday night in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Sophomore Alex Skov handled the hosting duties, while Thomas Govert was the notorious “Banker”. Thirty female students played the part of the “Models” and opened the briefcases selected by the contestants.

There were 16 briefcases full of varying amounts of cash to choose from in each of the six rounds. Without knowing the amount in each briefcase, the contestants picked one to keep, if they chose, until its unsealing at game's end.

Tricia Harrington was the evening’s big winner as she finished her round with $97.  Other winners on the evening were, Dylan Kiefer ($47), Matthew Slovacek ($15), Keisha Clark ($10), Emily Zimmerman ($3), and Victoria Green (“Deal or No Deal” DVD).

Models were: DaNae Williams, Renee’ Malone, Brittany Dunlap, Jade Coble, Breauna Cunningham, Baylee Cunningham, Paige Martin, Laura Hinson, Meghan Wiebe, Natasha Draganic, Kayla Slack, Myka Wiebe, Krystal Knight, Andrea Yunker, Katie Bevilacqua, Cassie Powell, Amy Casner, Ashley Cronin, Sabrina McKinney, Janae Bloom, Jolene Pierson, Annie Blackwell, Alex Valley, Bethany Schmidt, Kari Rinehart, Kati Rinehart, Kacie Schlegel, Valerie Cox, Kayla Compton, and Andrea Mitchell.

Pictured: Host Alex Skov with model No. 6 Baylee Cunningham.