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May 12, 2008

Cowley Math and Science Club sponsors local bridge design contest�


Using resources provided by the West Point Academy, Cowley College Math & Science Club sponsored a "local bridge design contest" March 1 through April 15.

The Cowley College students submitting the lowest cost load baring designs during the duration of the contest were eligible for the prizes as well as (and maybe more important) Bragging Rights.

There were 28 entries; the winning results are as follows: The dollar amount signifies the cost load of the design.

  • First Place - Jared Brown ($179478.89) won a Cowley Hooded Sweat Shirt and 8 Gig Flash drive.
  • Second Place - Adam Brayboy, ($181625.19) won a long sleeved Cowley T-shirt and a 1 Gig Flash drive.
  • Third Place - Keoki Waipa ($183023.98) won a Cowley T-shirt.
  • Fourth Place - Lea Nguyen ($185024.39) won a Cowley Tote-bag.
  • Fifth Place - Troy Hutson ($188255.39) won a 1 Gig Flash drive.