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June 17, 2008

Girls Talk Tech summer program showcases fields of technology


Girls Talk Tech summer programTaking advantage of a grant funded by the Kansas Board of Regents to provide exposure for women in fields of technology, 19 young ladies took part in Cowley College’s Girls Talk Tech summer program on Monday.

Participants in the program saw demonstrations from Cowley College’s Non-Destructive Testing, Machine and Tools, Welding, Automotive, MICT, and Mechatronics programs. The one-day event was held at Cowley’s Career and Technical Education Center in Arkansas City, Center for Technical Excellence in Winfield, and the Winfield Allied Health Center.

“This served as an opportunity for us to show the young women the opportunities that are out there in the Career and Tech field,” Cowley College Career and Technical Education Department Chair Bruce Crouse said. “They all seemed very engaged and asked a lot of questions. I will suggest we make this an annual event.”

The program was formed thanks to Sandy Randel, Cowley College’s coordinator for the Career and Technical Education Department.

 “Sandy Randel and her colleagues did an outstanding job, one that everyone should be proud of,” said Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths.

Randel and Griffiths helped demonstrate different fields of technology, as did Cowley instructors Bob Moffatt, Jon Pine, Chris Parrott, Dan Squires, Cindy Branscum, Melissa McCaslin, and Chris Cannon.

Participants in the summer program were: Kathren Eggleston, Kaytlynn Strasburg, Roc’Quele Cunningham, Ashley Randel, Fiona Wood, Chelsey Bruce, Nancy Misasi, Chyna Lemus, Felishia Chandler, Tacherie Copeland, Tia Moore, Krystina Ratzlaff, Stephanie Eggleston, Hayley Bradley, Marissa Whitting, Gabby Gerdav, Audrey Sorndara, and Nikki McComas.

Pictured: Cowley automotive instructor Jon Pine speaks with a group of young ladies in the Girls Talk Tech summer program.