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July 22, 2008

Avery named Chairman at regular monthly Board meeting


Donna Avery was named the Chairman of Cowley College’s Board of Trustees during the school’s regular monthly meeting held Monday in the McAtee Dining Center.

Officers elected for the upcoming year: Chairman, Donna Avery; vice-chairman, Mark Paton; Kansas Association of Community College Trustees voting delegate, Ron Godsey; Association of Community College Trustees voting delegate, Albert Bacastow Jr.; Board representative for professional negotiations, Mark Paton; trustee designated to open bids, each member of the Board; and the trustee designated as the Board representative to the College Endowment Association, LaDonna Lanning.

The Board also appointed Libby Palmer as clerk of the Board, Tony Crouch as treasurer of the Board, and David Andreas as Board attorney.

The Board designated Home National Bank, Union State Bank, CornerBank and Verus Bank as official depositories for college funds, designated the Arkansas City Daily Traveler and Winfield Courier for publication of official notices, and kept the Board meeting time at 6:15 p.m. on the third Monday of every month.

In other matters, the Board:

  1. Changed the August Board meeting date to Aug. 11, which would also be the adoption of the 2008-09 operating budgets.
  2. Provided members of the Board with the 2008-09 KACCT Calendar of Events.
  3. Tony Crouch, Cowley College Executive Vice President of Business Services, provided members of the Board with an update on construction of the new dorm. Painting continues, with stairwells and some detail work being done. Carpet will be complete this week as will the irrigation system installation. Once irrigation is complete, sod will be installed. At about the same time, furniture will be set up in the lobbies and rooms and connections will be made for the cameras and internet.
  4. The new sheetrock has been textured and painted and is in place in the Ben Cleveland Wellness Center. Light replacement is in process, new vinyl has been installed in the restrooms, and the ceilings in both rooms have been painted.
  5. Carpet instillation was completed in the Kimmell Dorm on July 11.
  6. New basketball goals and supports have been installed in W.S. Scott Auditorium, while electrical connection to the winches should be complete this week. They are in the process of filling in the ceiling tiles and reconnecting the shot clocks and related systems.
  7. Waldorf-Riley has completed the installation of the new heat system in the library. The Gene Oswald company is currently installing and configuring the controls for the system.
  8. Crouch provided members of the Board with the proposed operating Revenue and Expenditures for 2008-09. The final budget will be presented at the Aug. 11 Board of Trustee meeting.
  9. Viewed a summer enrollment report that indicates as of July 14, full-time equivalency was 569, which is slightly down from July 14, 2007. Fall enrollment is 1,792, which is down from this time last year. Cowley College president Dr. Patrick J. McAtee stated that each of Cowley College’s campuses are up in enrollment except for SSEC.
  10. Approved the following policies: Pets/Animals and College Facility Policy; College Vehicles; Refund of Tuition and Fees; Varsity Athletics; and Substance Abuse Policy for Intercollegiate Athletics.
  11. Submitted the policy Technology Usage by Employees for first reading.
  12. Approved compensation for full-time instructors teaching summer 2008 for the second four-week session.
  13. Accepted the resignation of Teresa Klingsick as Business/Computer/Information Technology instructor, effective July 23; Accepted the resignation of Anne Erhart as coordinator of bookstore operations at SSEC, effective August 29; Accepted the resignation of Brandi Webb as assistant softball coach, effective July 31.
  14. Approved the employment of Sarah Mathews as Accounting instructor; Approved the hiring of Glenn Sheets as Automotive instructor; Approved the employment of Meagan Jackson as library assistant; Approved the employment of Adam Borth as Humanities instructor/director of communications, effective Aug. 11; Approved the employment of Suzanne Kerr-Unruh as assistant softball coach, effective July 22.
  15. Cowley First gave Cowley College $30,000 to use towards training. A business and industry meeting has been set in August. “This keeps us involved,” McAtee said. “We are the training arm of it, which is what we should be.”
  16. Board members Avery and LaDonna Lanning were absent.
  17. Held three executive sessions to discuss non-elected personnel, property acquisition, professional negotiations, and consult with legal counsel.