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September 27, 2007

Richard Loring's "African Footprint" coming to Cowley


African FootprintA highly energetic show featuring beautiful costumes and wonderful singing and dancing, Richard Loring’s “African Footprint” is in the midst of its first U.S. tour and will be performing at Cowley College’s Brown Theatre Nov. 6 at 8 p.m.

“African Footprint is to South Africa what Riverdance is to the Irish and Stomp is to the Brits!”, said

Tickets are being sold at the Cowley College Bookstore. Cost for adults is $15, while student tickets are $8. The phone number to the Bookstore is (620) 441-5277.

In 1999, Richard Loring, television and theatre star and show producer, recruited a group of young people from the dusty streets of Soweto, South Africa. From hundreds of hopefuls, only 30 young aspiring performers were chosen.

The next year was taken up with vocal classes and intensive dance instruction, which, for most of the youngsters, was their first opportunity to enter the world of professional theater.

Seemingly going nowhere, the long hours of rehearsal were rewarded when, on December 31 1999, African Footprint was invited to perform before Nelson Mandela in Block B on Robben Island, the very place where South Africa’s leader had been a prisoner for some 18 years.

The result was an explosive and emotional performance televised around the world and seen by over 250 million viewers. They have since done two command performances for Prince Charles and have toured all over the world.

The hypnotic heartbeat of the African drum, the soulful saxophone and the haunting pennywhistle, meld Afro- and Euro-centric music and dance – Kwela-jive, traditional gumboot, tap, contemporary ballet, hip-hop pantsula – into an ‘explosive stampede of song and dance’ that tells the vibrant and diverse history of South Africa.

The performance is sponsored by Cowley College, The White Foundation, Home National Bank and Cowley’s Multi-Cultural Diversity Team.