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October 16, 2007

Chevron representative speaks to Board of Trustees


John O’Herron, Business Development Manager of Chevron, presented a program called Energy Savings Performance Contracting to Cowley College’s Board of Trustees during its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

The Energy Savings Performance Contracting program serves as a way to catch up on deferred maintenance issues and use the money saved from energy related items to pay for it.

Other program benefits O’Herron mentioned are, cost savings, improved environment, and budget stretching.

In other matters, the Board:

  1. Saw Cowley President Dr. Pat McAtee present a gift to Heather Davis of Fort Scott for being named October Student of the Month.
  2. Heard from Board members Ron Godsey and Donna Avery about the ACCT Community College Leadership Congress they attended Sept. 26-29 in San Diego, CA.
  3. Discussed the KACCT/COP December quarterly meeting, which will be hosted by Labette Community College Dec. 2-3.
  4. Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services, provided members of the Board with an update on construction of the new dorm. Conco is in the process of preparing the parking lot areas of the site to use to cast the concrete walls. Casting is scheduled to begin Nov. 6. While casting is in progress, the foundations and lower level walls will be completed. Scheduling will have the casting and the below grade wall done in time to begin setting panels the day after Christmas.
  5. Viewed a fall enrollment report that indicates as of October 10, full-time equivalency was 3,101, which is slightly down from this time last year.
  6. Accepted the resignation of Emily Brown as enrollment specialist, effective Oct. 5; Accepted the resignation of Nathan Pryor as admissions representative, effective Sept. 27.
  7. Approved the employment of Sue Carol Helton as enrollment specialist, effective Oct. 16; Approved the employment of Thomas Stamatson as tool crib attendant/ATC West campus, effective Oct. 1; Approved the employment of Lisa Craft, coordinator of Learning Technology, effective Oct. 22; Approved the employment of Justin Mills as custodian, effective Oct. 16; Approved the employment of Joyleen Young as custodian, effective Oct. 16.
  8. Approved overload contracts for 2007 fall semester.
  9. Held a 30-minute executive session for preliminary discussions relating to acquisition of real property, and to consult with legal counsel.