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October 18, 2007

Former Cowley student assumes duties as Officer in Charge


Craig NeubeckerLieutenant Commander Craig Neubecker, United States Coast Guard, who attended Cowley College during the 1988-89 academic year, was recently named Officer in Charge of the U.S. Navy’s Helicopter Instructor Training Unit (HITU).

As Officer in Charge of the HITU, Neubecker is responsible for the joint training of every U.S. Navy Marine Corp and Coast Guard Helicopter Instructor Pilot for the Chief of Naval Aviation Training at Naval Air Station Whiting Field near Pensacola, Fla.

Neubecker, a 1988 graduate of Central High School in Burden, and the Instructor Pilots he trains are then tasked with the responsibility to train all NAVY, Marine Corp and Coast Guard student aviators to fight the Global War on Terror and provide Homeland Security for the United States.

It is rare that a Coast Guard Officer is chosen for this responsibility, and this marks only the third time in history that a Coast Guard Officer has been selected to assume the duties as the Officer in Charge of the HITU.

Neubecker, who graduated from Kansas State University in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in History, lives with his wife, Kimberly, and son, Duke, in Pace, Fla. His parents are Don and the late Esther Neubecker of Burden.